The Whoop Wearable Just Got a Big Update: An AI Fitness Coach – CNET

Whoop has created a conversational AI coach designed to help you meet your health goals. Whoop Coach is powered by GPT4, the advanced generative AI system from OpenAI, and it uses the unique biometric data collected by Whoop Bands to offer personalized fitness advice and recommendations. 

Whoop says it’s the first AI coach of its kind available in a fitness wearable. To my knowledge, no other wearable on the market uses AI to answer questions and provide customized guidance within its app. 

“Whoop Coach customizes its responses based on members’ unique data to provide them with recommendations that are right for members and their goals,” Will Ahmed, Whoop founder and CEO, told CNET in an email.

Personalized on-demand fitness

Whoop Coach offers on-demand answers to any questions you may have about your training. The solutions you receive are tailored to your data and goals. 

I tested the beta Whoop Coach and found it to be a surprisingly understated feature. It’s nestled under the strain, recovery and sleep diagram on the home page. Pressing the little black bar that reads “Chat with your Whoop Coach” takes you to a chat screen where you can interact with the AI coach. 

From what I could see, the app gave out accurate information, similar to the advice I give on CNET. Stay tuned for a deep dive into the testing process, which I’ll publish soon.

Whoop says the AI coach can also:

  • Offer training plans and recommendations based on your strain, sleep and recovery data
  • Expand your knowledge of how Whoop works and what your performance data means
  • Analyze your data to answer questions like “Why am I tired today?”
  • Give insights into how you stack up against other Whoop members 

The company offers round-the-clock membership support.

Whoop Coach privacy 

When it comes to AI chats, my top concern is always privacy. I was pleasantly surprised by Whoop Coach’s privacy disclosure. It seemed pretty cut and dry. Whoop’s Large Language model partner has a “Zero-Retention/Zero Training Policy.” This means the LLM partner will not store or retain your anonymized Whoop data. Your data also can’t be used to train any LLM algorithms or technology. 

Ahmed confirmed the privacy statement in an email to CNET.

Whoop Coach isn’t a requirement for using Whoop’s expansive features. If you don’t wish to use the interactive Whoop Coach, you can turn it off in the app settings. 

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