Holiday Wish List: Current Meta Quest 3 Deals including Free Game and 6 Months of Meta Quest Plus – CNET

If the latest Meta Quest 3 is on your holiday wish list you’re not alone: it’s one of the best VR headsets when it comes to bang for your buck. While the games and apps for the Quest 3 are still in their early days, the headset offers a unique mixed-reality experience. Because it’s the newest headset and a big upgrade to the Meta Quest 2, you won’t find a lot of great deals for it, but you can pick the Quest 3 up at most retailers and get a free game thrown in. If you go for the 512GB model, most retailers also add six months of Meta Quest Plus. While those aren’t as great as a direct discount, the free game and subscription add up to around $100, so it’s about that much in savings you get.

Unlike the Meta Quest 2 that came before it, the Quest 3 embraces both virtual reality and mixed-reality experiences, similar to Apple’s Vision Pro and last year’s Quest Pro. It costs a lot less than both those devices, though, with a $500 starting price. 

Other improvements over its predecessor include a new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, better graphics, a higher-resolution display and improved controllers. 

We’ll continue to update this collection of Meta Quest 3 offers as more become available, so if nothing grabs you right now, check back later.

Best Meta Quest 3 deals

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