Google Pixel Now Lets You Share HDR Photos and Videos to Instagram – CNET

A month after Samsung announced its Galaxy S24 lineup will let you upload HDR photos to Instagram, Google’s Pixel phone is here to share that spotlight. 

Starting Monday, the Pixel 7 and 8 lineups, as well as the Fold, will let you share Ultra HDR photos and 10-bit HDR videos on Instagram. Footage shot in HDR, which stands for high dynamic range, depicts more vibrant colors, brighter intensity and higher contrast. Essentially, photos and videos look more realistic and less washed out. That can give your content a leg up when people scroll through their feeds. The capability rolls out globally March 4 and in the US on March 11. 

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Google is also expanding its Circle to Search feature to more Pixel phones. This AI-powered tool lets you circle or highlight anything on your screen to instantly get Google Search information on it, without switching apps. Like what an influencer is wearing in a social media post? Want to know more about an unfamiliar landmark? Hold down your phone’s home button or navigation bar, then tap or draw a circle around what you’d like to search and Google will instantly pull up more information. If you have specific questions about something you see, you can type them into the search bar that pops up too.

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