First Look: The $349 Nothing Phone 2A Aims to Brighten Your Day video – CNET

Speaker 1: We liked the nothing phone two, because of its solid overall performance and its unique flashing lights, the nothing Phone two A takes a bit of that flashiness, but strips the specs back to come with an even more affordable price tag in the us The phone two A with 12 gig of Ram and 256 gig of storage will go on sale for $349. That’s half the price of the nothing phone two in the same configuration. So what do you get for your money? Well, you get a generous 6.7 inch display, which seems [00:00:30] bright and vibrant enough to do justice to your games and YouTube videos. A 5,000 milliamp power battery, which should give you at least a full day of use and a dual rear camera setup. The main 50 megapixel camera takes decent photos in most conditions, capturing plenty of detail and colors that seem pretty accurate. Speaker 1: There’s also a 32 megapixel ultra wide, which again does the job perfectly well. This is a camera to catapult you into photography stardom. Well, probably not, but it’s fine For quick snaps of your friends [00:01:00] phone two A runs on the Media Tech Dimity 7,200 Pro Chip rather than the Snapdragon eight Gen one chip found in its Prier sibling. It’s nowhere near as powerful on benchmark tests as the nothing. Phone two, but given its much lower price, that’s probably to be expected In general use, though, I found it fairly nippy with no noticeable lag or stuttering. So what about nothing signature flashing Glyph lights? Well, there are a small number on the back [00:01:30] though. Apparently you need to spend bigger bucks if you want the complete light show. The LEDs it does have will do the usual things of alerting you to incoming calls or act as a small fill light when you are shooting video at night. We only spent a short amount of time with the phone so far, so we’ll reserve judgment on whether it’s worth its money in the full review. But so far it certainly seems like a decent, affordable alternative. For those of you who don’t want to spend the bigger money on the Nothing. Phone two.

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