Best Fitbit Deals: Amazon’s Spring Sale Can Save You Up to $54 on the Sense 2 – CNET

This is the second generation of Fitbit’s health-focused smartwatch, and the updated interface and the return of the physical navigation button make this wearable particularly appealing — especially at this price. Besides keeping a close eye on atrial fibrillation (heart rate irregularities), this Fitbit includes a cEDA sensor that detects electrodermal activity, which often correlates to your body’s response to stress. You can also see your nightly blood oxygen levels at a glance. 

It still has all the great features the first-gen Sense offered, like built-in GPS for hikes, biking and driving. The watch also has Amazon Alexa built-in for news updates, bedtime reminders and alarms, and it can control smart home devices too. The smartwatch comes with a variety of clock face options. One battery charge lasts six full days, and a full day’s charge takes only 12 minutes.

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