Get Started With 3D Printing for Less With This AnkerMake M5 Deal – CNET

Picking a 3D printer isn’t always the easiest choice, but if you know what you want there are some great options out there. And if you can get a great machine for your needs on a good discount, you can’t ask for a better day. The AnkerMake M5 is not only one of our top rated printers, but it’s my personal favorite. And thanks to Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, you can get one for way cheaper than usual. 

As the first 3D printer made by a new company, the AnkerMake M5 surprised a lot of people with how good it is. The printer released to the public as one of the fastest printers you could buy, able to reach incredible print speeds without sacrificing quality. But its real superpower is the AnkerMake app, which made it easy to see your print in real-time from the camera on the machine as well as control nearly everything from wherever you are. If you saw a need to change the temperature of the bed or extruder, you could do so from anywhere and avoid a lot of excess plastic being wasted. 

In all of our testing we found the AnkerMake 5C to be a reliable, easy to use printer with easily replaceable parts to ensure this machine would last a while. It’s an impressive printer, made better all the time thanks to a steady flow of software updates. And with today’s discount, you can have one of the better printers available for under $500. 

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