Grab a New Backbone One iPhone Gaming Controller Today and Pay Just $60 – CNET

Amazon is having its Big Spring Sale, and you can take advantage of many deals on great tech, including mobile gaming options. Mobile gaming is a great way to kill some time while you’re on a break at work or just standing in line at the store, but who wants to carry a Nintendo Switch or Valve Steam Deck with them all the time? If you have your iPhone, you already have a great gaming machine. But you’re going to need something like the Backbone One to get the most out of it. This iPhone gaming controller is perfect for cloud gaming and more, and now you can pick one up for just $60.

This deal is available on both the black and white variants of the controller, but note that it’s offered only on the versions with a Lightning connector. That means most iPhones will work with these controllers, but folks who have the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro will end up paying a little more. The USB-C version is available for 20% off — which is around $80. Note: If you’re not seeing the deal on the page, you may need to add the item to your cart first. You’ll also want to act quickly because these deals won’t last forever.

The Backbone One features responsive analog triggers and great, tactile buttons as well as clickable thumbsticks. All of this means the controller is a great way to indulge in cloud-based gaming as well as remotely play Xbox and PlayStation titles. Just want to play the games installed on your iPhone instead? No problem — this controller works great with those as well.

The controller comes with a port, so you can charge your iPhone while you’re playing, and the free Backbone app makes quickly accessing your games and friends list super easy. You’ll be enjoying the latest must-play titles in no time.

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