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Electricity is pretty much essential in our daily lives and having a solid backup power source is something to consider, even if you’re just going camping and want to keep your smartphone or other gadgets juiced up. Right now you can get one of Anker’s biggest power banks at a $40 discount. Order the Anker 548 PowerCore Reserve power bank today and you’ll pay just $110 when you clip the coupon. 

This device has an impressive 192 watts of power and weighs just over five pounds, making it a solid option for occasional outages or trips. With its substantial 60,000-mAh capacity, it should be able to recharge an iPhone more than 10 times. It comes equipped with both 60-watt and 27-watt USB-C ports, which means you can charge larger devices, like laptops or tablets when you’re on the go. (You can juice up both devices simultaneously.) It also has two USB-A ports and a solar input. 

This particular power bank is also equipped with a retractable light, as well as an SOS button for emergency lighting during a blackout. It has a smart display that shows you how much battery life is remaining.

Running out of power is no fun, so setting yourself up for an emergency is never a bad idea. Need something a little bigger than the Anker PowerCore Reserve? Our list of the best power station deals is the place to be if you want to save some money and be prepared at the same time.

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