Get Up to $500 Off Top Rowing Machines During Amazon’s Big Spring Sale – CNET

If you’ve set any wellness goals, having some new home gym equipment can help motivate you to make movement a daily habit. If you don’t already own a rower, you’ll find that it can help you get a high-intensity workout that can be less jarring than running on a treadmill. Some of our favorite rowing machines from Hydrow are currently on during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, and we’re seeing significant savings of up to $500 off.

The best deal right now is the Hydrow Pro, which has been marked down to $1,995 from its original list price of $2,495. This deal will save you $500 off one of the best rowing machines around. Amazon also has the more compact Hydrow Wave Rower for $1,525. That’s around 10% off its original price. The Wave comes in several color options but not all of them are on sale. 

There’s a good reason the Hydrow Rower is our pick for the best luxury rowing machine. With its aluminum and steel frame and an electromagnetic resistance system, it looks, feels and performs like a premium piece of fitness equipment. You can fine-tune the resistance levels between 1 and 300, and it’s equipped with a 22-inch HD display that you can use for on-demand classes, including Pilates and yoga, though you’ll need a Hydrow membership to access them. It also features front-facing speakers and Bluetooth connectivity so you can blast your music while you train.

Rowers are versatile machines that can enhance your fitness regime. You can use them to improve cardio performance and work on strength training for your back, legs and more. Traditional go-tos such as a treadmill or exercise bike remain great options, but if you want something that will give you whole-body fitness, a rowing machine gets you pretty close. 

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