Grab Yourself an Anker Portable Projector for Up to 42% Off – CNET

If you’re planning a cinephile picnic or you just want to watch a movie in your backyard, a portable projector is a great little device to have. While they may not be the same as a fully fledged projector, they can help transform your yard into a successful outdoor cinema of sorts. To that end, there are a lot of excellent deals on Anker portable projectors that you can grab during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

CNET’s favorite portable projector, the Anker Mars II Pro, is available now for a 42% discount, at $320. It’s a good projector, with plenty of brightness, but it needs to be plugged into the power. 

Meanwhile, its successor, the Mars 3 Air, looks to be an even better deal. It has a rechargeable battery and better color reproduction for a discounted price of $450 (that’s 20% off, plus a $30 coupon).

As a step up, Anker also has the following models on sale:

The Anker sales are set to end March 24, or sooner if stocks run out.

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