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Oral-B Pro 1000 rechargable electric toothbrush: $50

Buy two, get a $10 credit

Amazon’s inaugural Big Spring Sale has come to an end, and while the event boasted tens of thousands of deals, a select few items rose above the rest, garnering the most attention from CNET readers. By digging into our data (which contains no personal information, don’t worry), we’ve been able to see which deals our readers tended to gravitate toward and have highlighted the winning products (in terms of purchase volume) below. 



AirPods are always popular, but especially so when they get discounted. The newest Pro ‘Pods actually dropped down to $180 briefly, which was a new all-time low and caused orders to skyrocket. They’re back to $199 now, which is a more modest, but still solid $50 discount. 

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Battery life Rated up to 7.5 hoursNoise Canceling YesMultipoint YesWater-Resistant Yes (IPX5– splash-proof)

Our favorite budget ANC earbuds are down to an even cheaper $50 right now. Just be sure to clip the on-page coupon and use code EAP3CNET to get the full savings. Despite their affordability and less well-known branding, CNET headphone expert David Carnoy found them to be solid for their price. 

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade your home Wi-Fi with one of our top router picks going on sale. It’s down to $85 with a further $10 off via an on-page coupon. Though we’ve seen it hit $70 before, a lot of folks have taken the plunge on this one at $75.

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Battery Life 2 weeks; rechargeableModes 1Sensors PressureAlerts Brush timerCost of Replacement Heads $16.50 for a pack of 3

Electric toothbrushes are a popular upgrade right now, and currently when you buy at least two eligible Oral-B items, you’ll get a $10 credit added to your account that you can use toward a future Amazon purchase.


This two-pack of ultrabright mini camping flashlights garnered a lot of attention during the sale. For most of the event the price hovered around $12 with both the on-page coupon and the promo code 30GEARLIGHT. A brief lightning deal even dropped these to just $7 for a limited time, but the two-pack is now priced at $24 That’s a $6 discount on the list price. 


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