• Many new Tesla Cybertruck owners are listing their vehicles for rent on Turo, but prices vary wildly
  • Owners of the EV hope to capitalize on limited supply, but rentals seem infrequent for most.
  • High rentals might tempt some owners, but letting strangers drive comes with its own concerns.

Few EVs have hit the market with quite the same hype as the Tesla Cybertruck and it appears plenty of new owners are looking to make hay while the sun shines on the demand for the electric truck.

While the Cybertruck is a mainstream model that could eventually hit U.S. roads in the hundreds of thousands of units, production and deliveries are still scaling up. With this in mind, a growing number of owners who have already acquired the keys, or keycards, have begun listing their vehicles for rent through Turo. Currently, there are 92 Cybertrucks available for rent in the USA.

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 There Are 92 Tesla Cybertruck Rentals On Turo With Prices Ranging From $257 To $1,700

How much does it cost?

Well, the price to rent a Cybertruck for a day varies significantly. The cheapest one was recently listed in Mountain View, California, and can be rented for $257 per day. That is significantly cheaper than dozens of others that cost between $400 and $600 to rent for 24 hours.

Among the more expensive ones include a gloss black Cybetruck modified by T Sportline that’s available for $948 per day out of Stafford, Texas. The most expensive example however is available for a ridiculous $1,700 per day but, unsurprisingly, no trips have been listed for it.

While Cybertruck owners can make a little extra money on the side by listing their vehicle for rent on Turo, they shouldn’t expect to be rolling in extra cash. Most vehicles appear to have been rented just a handful of times.

As more Cybertrucks hit the roads and become available on platforms like Turo, demand could see a decline. Additionally, owners must be at ease with the idea of strangers driving their vehicles without supervision, but those listing their personal cars on Turo likely already possess a high level of comfort with this arrangement.

 There Are 92 Tesla Cybertruck Rentals On Turo With Prices Ranging From $257 To $1,700