Best Verizon Plans: How to Choose and Which Ones to Pick in May 2024 – CNET

Verizon’s latest top plan, called Unlimited Ultimate, is its priciest. A single line runs $90 per month, while if you have four lines on an account it would be $55 for the Ultimate line each month (in both cases assuming you have automatic payments and paper-free billing enabled). 

What you get for that price is access to Verizon’s fastest 5G networks, 60GB of high-speed hotspot data (double the amount offered to Plus users), international talk, text and data in over 210 countries as well as other perks like better offers and discounts on device upgrades. 

For most people, this plan probably doesn’t add enough to justify the $25 price difference between Ultimate and Welcome. If you travel internationally regularly, this plan might make more sense than Plus, as you’d probably be spending the $10-per-month difference on Verizon’s TravelPass perk for a few days of high-speed data abroad anyway. 

The same goes for if you’re looking for the best deal on an upgrade and are already considering the Plus plan for faster 5G data access and hotspot. Some of Verizon’s best trade-in deals require Ultimate, and in those specific cases, the money you’d save on the better upgrade deal over three years could match up or offset the cost of paying more for the device and keeping a cheaper plan.

For most people, we’d recommend staying away from this plan. It’s likely too pricey for what you’re getting when Verizon has better options available. 

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