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Whether you just got a new iPhone 15 or plan to make the switch from Android to iOS, you’ll probably want to transfer all your old phone’s data, including photos and texts, to your new iPhone. It might sound like a daunting process, but in reality, it’s anything but. 

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1. Restore from iCloud

The easiest and quickest method to set up your new iPhone is to restore from a recent iCloud backup. As you walk through the initial setup process, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, sign in with your Apple ID and then pick the most recent backup of your old iPhone. 

If the backup is more than a day or two old, I suggest you take an extra few minutes to create a new backup. To do so, open the Settings app on your old phone and search iCloud Backup (click the icon), then select Back Up Now

Once that finishes, go back to your new iPhone and select the backup you just created as what you want to use to restore from. 

Your phone will then restore your settings and preferences, and you’ll be able to start using it in about 15 minutes while it finishes downloading your installed apps. 

Once everything is restored, you’ll need to sign back into any accounts you added to your phone, as well as go through your apps and make sure you’re still signed in. 

The Move to iOS app being used on Android and iPhone The Move to iOS app being used on Android and iPhone

Apple made an Android app called Move to iOS that makes moving your messages, photos, videos and more from an Android phone to an iPhone easy.

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4. Move to iOS for Android users

Apple doesn’t have many Android apps listed in Google’s Play Store, but Move to iOS is one of them. This free app will connect your Android phone to a new iPhone and allow you to transfer the most important information from one phone to the other. 

Here’s the entire step-by-step process, as well as some caveats, like the fact that it won’t transfer any locally stored music or PDF files. 

No matter the process you used to set up your new phone, you’re in for excitement and fun as you explore what it can do. 

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