• A Koenigsegg Jesko Attack burned to the ground in Greece just weeks after delivery.
  • Now, the event has triggered a stop-drive order for 28 cars from the automaker itself.
  • It’s investigating what caused the conflagration and what, if anything, it needs to do to ensure the others don’t meet the same fate.

Supercars and hypercars get a ton of attention all on their own. Put a bunch of them together and they’ll turn heads even more. Have one on fire though and the whole world will find out about it. That’s what happened in Greece recently and it’s sending shockwaves through the Koenigsegg community.

The incident happened on June 15th around 10 a.m. local time during an event dubbed the “6to6 Europe Tour 2024.” It included several supercars but few as bespoke as the Jesko Attack in question. Called the Jesko NÜR Edition, it came from the factory with naked carbon fiber and gold inlay on the exterior.

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As of this writing, it’s unclear what caused the fire, but both occupants safely exited the car before it burned down. Video evidence of the fire itself and the aftermath show the resulting damage. Even astute car enthusiasts might have trouble picking out exactly what it once was. Parts of the rear X-brace are still visible as is the exhaust tip but little else remains.

According to EggRegistry, one of its members forwarded a message from Koenigsegg to all 28 Jesko owners. “Out of an abundance of caution, we ask all Jesko owners and drivers to hold off on driving their cars until we have had a chance to understand the situation better,” it reportedly says. Evidently, the automaker is unaware of the reason for the fire at this time.

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No doubt, it’s in the process of sorting that out and will alert owners to its findings in due time. Until then, Jesko owners will just have to take their beater Bugatti to wherever they need to go. In reality, the cause could be unrelated to the other cars or could even be tied to the delivery mileage still on the car in question.

According to witnesses, the driver wasn’t exactly babying the car despite high temperatures in the area and again, very few miles on the vehicle itself.

Image Credit: Zisimos Zizos