• Automotive lighting specialist Glohh unveiled new aftermarket taillights for the original Land Rover Defender.
  • The circular LED taillights enhance both the looks and the visibility compared to the stock units, and will soon be joined by matching headlights.
  • The plug-and-play LEDs are compatible with all Defenders produced between 1990 and 2016.

Owners of the original Land Rover Defender seeking a fresh look for their off-roader now have the option of aftermarket LED taillights by Glohh. The GL-2 and GL-2X units enhance the Defender’s classic design with a modern touch while improving visibility.

Both options adopt a three-light configuration with circular LEDs, staying true to the original recipe. The difference is that the GL-2 has deep red lens, while the GL-2x goes for a darkened lens. The indicator can be installed in two different positions – high or low – depending on personal preference.

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The LED taillights add dual-impact lighting for the indicator, reverse, fog, and brake lights. As a result, they provide enhanced visibility in off-road conditions compared to the stock halogen units. Glohh also added a Dynamic Start-Up Display function, performing an animated sequence on ignition.

The company says that the taillights went through “rigorous winter testing” in Iceland, to ensure their durability. They are made of toughened Polymethyl Methacrylate, with their corrugated shape improving resilience in impacts and vibrations. Furthermore, water resistance exceeds the IP67 rating, so you can still attend river crossings with your Defender.


Dr. Faheem Rafiq, Lead Engineer at Glohh, described the Defender market as “incredibly dynamic”, adding that “over 73% of Defenders are modified internationally, with many undergoing powertrain conversions and exterior alterations”. Glohh has received over 10,000 applications of interest for the GL-2 lighting system, and estimates that over 400,000 classic Defenders are still being driven today, meaning there is a huge pool of potential customers.

The Glohh GL-2 is listed for £489 ($621), while the darkened GL-2x costs £539 ($685). Both are “direct plug-and-play” replacements for all Defenders (90, 110, 130) produced between 1990 and 2016. This means that installation doesn’t require any additional wiring or components.

Due to popular demand, Glohh will unveil a matching turn signal and side front light for the Defender in the coming months. The company, known for offering high-tech aftermarket lights for Range Rovers, also plans on implementing the GL-2 design to North American standards, making it available to US customers.

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