Your Phone Needs to Chill: How to Keep It From Overheating – CNET

Do you have a habit of leaving your phone out in the sun? If so, it could be at risk of overheating. This isn’t just a problem for older devices. Even the newest flagship phones like the Samsung S24 or iPhone 15 can get too warm if left in the direct sun for too long.

You don’t want your phone to overheat, because it can slow down or stop working altogether. Too much heat can result in permanent damage, which could force you to replace your battery or even get a brand-new phone. And that requires spending money, even if you have insurance.

A Galaxy S23 Ultra charging A Galaxy S23 Ultra charging

You don’t want to overuse your phone while it’s charging.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

What does overheating do to your phone?

If the interior temperature of your phone exceeds what’s normal and the device overheats, you can expect a few issues:

  • You can’t use your phone
  • Your phone slows down
  • Charging slows down or completely stops
  • Your signal is weakened
  • Your camera’s flash is temporarily disabled

There are also possible permanent harmful effects — overheating can cause lasting damage to the battery, SIM card and other crucial parts inside your phone.

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