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Dressing for Others

“Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.” —Benjamin Franklin “think of your appearance as a gift to others.” —Russell Smith, Men’s Style: A Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress There are many ways that dressing well will benefit you personally. When you look sharp, you feel better about yourself, make a great first impression, and interact […]

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Podcast #463: The Friendship, Rivalry, and Leadership of WWII’s 3 Greatest American Generals

Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley. Three great U.S generals that led the Allies to victory in Europe during WWII. But WWII wasn’t the first time these three men met. Decades before they forged friendships and rivalries with one another that would influence their path to leadership. My guest today has written a biography of the complex relationships between […]

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Podcast #461: The Spartan Regime

For thousands of years, the Spartans have captured the imaginations of Westerners. In ancient Greece, the city-state was admired for its military prowess, civic unity, and dedication to leisurely athletic pursuits. Today, we make movies about Spartans and name sports teams after them. When we moderns think of Spartans, we typically think of them simply […]

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