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PROMONTORIO occupies belem cultural centre with installation made from recycled cork

last summer, PROMONTORIO created an architectural installation in lisbon built out of blocks of recycled cork. the scheme comprises two open-air spaces, delineated by an incomplete double colonnade — evocative of a ruined structure. the project serves as an outdoor cinema, capable of hosting movies as well as other events. […]

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omar lópez bautista designs casa guadalupe as an inhabitable monolith

casa guadalupe by omar lópez bautista is located in the outskirts of oaxaca, mexico. due to the surrounding area being in constant development, the brief required that the house be designed to appear ‘unfinished’ from the outside. from the imposing nature and proportions of the concrete construction, the resulting house intends to achieve […]

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hundreds of japanese firework designs from the early-1900s have been digitized

six colorful catalogs of firework designs by japanese master of light displays jinta hirayama have been digitized and made available to download. the illustrative works, originally published by 20th-century english fireworks company C.R. brock and company, trace a japanese history of diverse pyrotechnic diagrams. images courtesy of yokohama city library  the japanese […]

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casa ccff is an eco-friendly urban house by leopold banchini architects

designed by leopold banchini architects, casa ccff is an environmentally-friendly urban house overlooking geneva’s industrial train station. the design of the exterior mimics the surrounding industrial shed roof profiles, while the interior incorporates a large open volume, filled with sunlight. external views are carefully framed to create a brightly lit […]

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nir meiri shapes fungi into mycelium lights lamp collection

founded in 2010, nir meiri is a design studio that offers an out-of-the-ordinary design approach to everyday objects. to do so, the london-based practice carefully selects materials, often raw and wild, and shapes them into clean-cut forms, creating innovating products that play on the tension between the domesticated and the […]

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take a first look inside OPEN’s completed dune art museum in china

after more than three years of construction, the UCCA dune art museum in china is now complete. the project, designed by OPEN architecture, is buried within a sand dune on a quiet beach in qinhuangdao. largely enveloped by the dune, the 930-square-meter museum contains a total of ten interconnected galleries […]

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