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The Mystery of the Melanistic Manta Rays

Spanning up to 25 feet from wing to wing, manta rays look like U.F.O.’s from below. If you ever get a chance to dive with them, look up. Lights won’t beam down and abduct you, but something about their bellies may surprise you. Most are white, but some are splattered with unique black blotches. This […]

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Five Reasons the Diet Soda Myth Won’t Die

ImageCreditWilfredo Lee/Associated Press There’s a decent chance you’ll be reading about diet soda studies until the day you die. (The odds are exceedingly good it won’t be the soda that kills you.) The latest batch of news reports came last month, based on another study linking diet soda to an increased risk of early death. […]

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Robotic inspectors developed to fix wind farms

Image copyright ORCA Hub Fully autonomous robots that are able to inspect damaged wind farms have been developed by Scots scientists. Unlike most drones, they don’t require a human operator and could end the need for technicians to abseil down turbines to carry out repairs. The multi-million pound project is showing how the bots can […]

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