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As of Today, Abortion Is Effectively Banned in Kentucky

Photo: Zach Gibson (Getty Images) Those who want to control the wombs of women are moving closer to their nefarious goals as the Kentucky legislature passed two bills this week, which for all intents and purposes ban abortion unless a court intervenes, according to the ACLU. Kentucky is one of 22 states in the U.S. which […]

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This Is the America White People Wished For. This Is the America White People Want

Screenshot: CNN (YouTube) Since the 2016 presidential election, I have read and I have heard from people—mostly white but some nonwhite—that it’s unfair to generalize about white people just because Donald Trump is now our president. The rush to defend themselves has been so unceasing that #NotAllWhitePeople has become a popular and synopsizing shorthand for […]

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Note To Senators: Ask The Right Question At SCOTUS Hearing

Three of the four panelists on AM Joy discussed what is really important in the upcoming SCOTUS pick regarding abortion rights in this country. Three of the four panelists discussed with clarity and accuracy the reality of access to abortion for women in this country. Three of the four women on Joy Reid’s panel were […]

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