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Qualcomm wants everyone to have a 5G phone, announces two new Snapdragon chips

Qualcomm’s annual Tech Summit in Maui, Hawaii kicked off today with company President Cristiano Amon delivering the opening keynote. The takeaway theme this year, much like last year, is that Qualcomm is betting big on 5G and AI. To that end, Qualcomm is announcing not one, but two 5G mobile chipsets this year, along with […]

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What is deepfake? Should you be worried?

Deepfake content is building chaos among people who grew up with the idea that seeing is believing. Photos and videos, once considered undeniable evidence of something happening, are now being questioned by the masses. This is to be expected after finding out the amazingly realistic video of Barack Obama calling President Trump a “total and […]

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Adobe’s AI Is Capable of Learning Painting Styles and Reproducing Arts in under a Minute

AI seems to be catching up when it comes to reproducing artwork. A recently published paper on arxiv.org by University of Maryland and Adobe Research details about how an AI can learn to reproduce handpainted canvases in under a minute. The paper is titled “LPaintB: Learning to Paint from Self-Supervision” and details an artificial intelligence […]

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