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Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, Will Attract 10 Percent Import Tax from 1st of September

Trump had announced a 10 percent hike in import tariffs. The announcement triggered a chain reaction and kindled a trade war between China and the US. However, Trump delayed the import tariffs on phones and laptops to December 15. This also means that HomePod, AirPods and Apple Watch will attract 10 percent additional import duty. […]

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AirPods Aces Waterproof Earbuds Test against Beats and Samsung Galaxy Buds

One of the biggest qualm most of us have with the AirPods is that it is not water-resistance. Despite the lack of official ratings, AirPods have generally fared well when immersed in water. CNET compared AirPods with other truly wireless buds that are water-resistance and surprisingly, AirPods fared better than some of its rivals. CNET […]

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