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Siri Beats Alexa in Annual Digital Assistant IQ Test, Continues to Lag behind Google Assistant

Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster is out with his yearly report card on the performance of Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Siri has trailed behind Assistant in the test over the last year few years despite making noticeable improvements. The same story continues this year as well. Munster asked all the three assistants 800 questions across […]

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Amazon Employees Who Listen to Alexa Requests Can Also Learn Customers’ Home Address

Earlier this month, there was a report that outlined how some Amazon employees have access to listen in on Alexa requests doled out by customers out in the real world. Now, a follow-up report suggests that available information for those employees could include home addresses. Bloomberg reports this week that it has learned those Amazon […]

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You Can Now Use Amazon’s Alexa to Control Apple Music on Select Sonos Speakers

If you have a select Sonos-branded speaker and use Apple Music, then today your device is getting a nice little trick thanks to Amazon Alexa support. Beginning today, both the Sonos Beam and the Sonos One speakers support using Amazon Alexa to control Apple Music with voice controls. That support is available in Ireland, the […]

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