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Alfa Romeo 8C-R Tazio Penned By One Of The Koennigsegg Gemera Designers Is Jaw-Dropping

Alfa Romeo has produced some of the most beautiful cars ever conceived over the decades and the idea of a modern hypercar from the Italian marque is a long-held dream of many. Industrial designer Arseny Kostromin has turned that dream into a reality with his wild 8C-R Tazio, a performance-focused street-legal supercar from Alfa Romeo […]

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Alfa Romeo Scarabeo Concept Is The Perfect Excuse To Buy A Plane Ticket To France

If you happen to be in northern France until March 23, 2020, then you have no excuse not to visit the Musee National de la Voiture, in Compiegne, for the ‘Concept-car. Beaute pure’ exhibition. That is where a host of cars, motorcycles and record-breaking vehicles are displayed, many of them for the first time in […]

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Alfa Romeo And Zagato Need To Make This GT Junior Coupe A Reality

Individually, Alfa Romeo and Zagato have designed and produced some of the most beautiful vehicles the world has ever known. This concept previews what a modern sports car designed by both companies could look like. Dubbed the ‘Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato‘, the car has been designed by Rishi Soman and Siddhant Jaokar from India and […]

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