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Amazon may be the only hope to make the T-Mobile/Sprint merger happen

Amazon Another wrinkle in the ongoing merger saga of T-Mobile and Sprint has emerged, and it involves one of the biggest tech companies. Reuters reports, via unnamed sources, that Amazon has expressed interest in acquiring Boost Mobile, the no-contract carrier that has been a long-time subsidiary of Sprint. Editor’s Pick T-Mobile Sprint Merger: Everything you […]

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Google needs to copy Alexa’s ability to delete voice recordings

Opinion post by Justin Duino Having voice assistants built into smart speakers and smart displays can be daunting. To enjoy the convenience of asking the Assistant or Alexa questions at any given moment, you must have always-listening microphones around you at all times. While Google and Amazon promise that the devices only listen for its […]

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Amazon’s updated Fire 7 tablets promise to be faster and have more space

Today, Amazon announced upgraded Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids Edition tablets that are now available for pre-order. Starting with the Fire 7, the tablet features a faster processor than its predecessor. We’re still talking about a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, though Amazon said the processor has more memory bandwidth. Editor’s Pick Best Android tablets (May […]

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