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An Alexa flaw might have exposed your voice history to hackers (Updated)

8 hours ago Hackers might have had access to your Alexa voice history. Your home address and banking details could have been exposed as well. Amazon has fixed the problem but it’s unclear how many users were affected. Update: August 13, 2020 (01:58PM ET): Amazon reached out to Android Authority regarding the Alexa vulnerabilities mentioned […]

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Alexa for Apps Feature on iPhone Allows Opening and Controlling Apps via Voice Commands

Apple’s AI-powered digital voice assistant, Siri, has competition from two main rivals: Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Although Amazon doesn’t have its own smartphone platform, it has been trying as hard as possible to make inroads to Android and iOS by offering developers various ways to integrate Alexa into their services. To that end, the […]

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Italy Investigating Apple and Amazon Over Price Fixing Allegations

Italy’s anti-trust regulator has opened an investigation against Apple and Amazon for engaging in anti-competitive behavior. There are allegations that Apple and Amazon have co-operated to prevent the sale of Apple and Beats branded products from other electronic resellers that are not a part of Apple’s official program. The investigation has been launched by Italy’s […]

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