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Betsy DeVos’s multimillion yachts fly foreign flags because paying taxes isn’t ‘America first’

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when one of Betsy DeVos’s $40 million yachts was untied from a dock in Ohio? DeVos’s SeaQuest Yacht, docked in Huron was left unmoored overnight. Conservatives everywhere freaked out that communists were attacking American patriots and poor Betsy DeVos might have to pay to have some painting touchups done to the […]

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Mike Pence greeted by ‘Big LGBTQ Dance Party’ and hecklers during visit to Ohio

No cameras, no questions, and no criticisms, please. I AM MIKE PENCE. It’s no secret that United States Vice President and Indiana’s first semi-sentient wood-based human hate-factory Michael Richard Pence hates people who aren’t heterosexual. He’s not sorry about his homophobic hatred, and he’s not particularly quiet about it. Perhaps that blind bigotry helped him forget […]

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