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October 2019 Android security patch is here for Pixel and Essential devices

Update: Surprise, surprise: Essential is already rolling out the October 2019 Android security patch to the Essential Phone. Essential Phone owners, check for your update! October’s security update for Android 10 is now available OTA (Open Market). Check your Essential Phone! pic.twitter.com/kKOziuFePU — Essential (@essential) October 7, 2019 Today, Google is rolling out the October […]

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Protect your users’ privacy: Android app security for developers

If you’re going to hang onto your audience and your reputation as a trustworthy Android developer, then you need to take Android app security seriously as a developer. If your app ever leaks private data, then you’re at risk of losing a large portion of your audience. Today’s tech-savvy mobile users understand that the best […]

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