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80% of Android apps are encrypting traffic by default, up from 0% in early 2018

Today, Google revealed some new information pertaining to Android app encryption. According to Google’s data, 80% of Android apps available on the Google Play Store now have network encryption enabled by default. What does that mean? That means that when an app requests or sends information from your phone over a network, all that information […]

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One-month test: Can a Chromebook replace my main computer?

Ever since Chromebooks started coming out, the most common question has been, can they really replace your main computer? Many users have already done it, especially those who don’t need much more than something for checking emails, going through social media, and doing light browsing. But using a Chromebook full time in a professional setting, […]

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The Father of Android Shows off a Smartphone With ‘Radically Different Form Factor’

The father of Android, Andy Rubin, has not really met with much success in his second innings with the Essential Phone. While the phone did have a unique design when it first launched, it failed to attract customers. Not deterred by the failure of the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin has now teased Essential’s second device […]

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