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Apple-Epic Battle Has Drawn the Attention of German Antitrust Authorities

There is no denying that Epic’s Fortnite standoff has garnered a lot of attention. Epic rallied against Apple with a group of developers, and some of the other tech companies like Microsoft are reacting strongly. Amidst the controversy, Germany’s antitrust watchdog is keeping an eye on Apple’s App Store payment row. Moreover, the authorities are […]

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Internal Emails Reveal Apple’s Uncertain Stance on Right to Repair

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook testified for the U.S House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee. The committee took up several issues ranging from questionable App Store practices to Right to Repair. Apple had submitted a series of emails as part of the antitrust investigations. The emails give us a better idea of Apple’s position when it comes […]

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Antitrust Investigation Against Apple in the US for its ‘Ironclad Control’ Over App Store Impending

Apple is currently the subject of two various antitrust investigations by the European Commission. Now, it looks like the company’s antitrust woes are only going to get worse as the DOJ and multiple other state attorneys in the US plan on probing Apple for its control over the App Store. As per sources, the DOJ […]

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