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Samsung Galaxy S20 series vs the competition: Which one is better on paper?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is finally official after months of leaks, and we’ve got three devices to choose from this year. Either way, you’re getting a similar core experience, featuring flagship power, 5G connectivity, and impressive camera credentials. So how does Samsung’s latest and greatest high-end flagship family hold up to the competition? We […]

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DxoMark crowns best smartphone cameras of the year

DxOMark is often the go-to website for smartphone camera benchmarks, with its ratings routinely generating discussions (for better or worse). Now, the camera testing firm has posted its list of the best smartphone cameras of 2019, dividing its picks into several categories. Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that DxOMark isn’t necessarily the […]

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Apple and Google prove camera software is more important than megapixels

Camera prowess has become the defining factor of the modern smartphone, as the new Google Pixel 4 and Apple iPhone 11 series, among a few other new releases, have shown. Come out with the best camera experience available and the praise will flow. This photography phenomenon isn’t reserved for the flagship market — great pictures […]

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