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Apple and Foxconn Found Violating Chinese Labor Law in World’s Largest iPhone Factory

The China Labor Watch (CLW) has found Apple and Foxconn of violating Chinese labor law by using too many temporary workers in the world’s largest iPhone factory located in Zhengzhou, China. The claims were confirmed by both Apple and Foxconn. Chinese labor laws allow for a maximum temporary workforce of 10% but in August, the […]

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Apple Watch Is Steve Wozniak’s ‘Favorite Piece of Technology in the World’ Right Now

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak while speaking to Bloomberg Television called the Apple Watch as his “favorite piece of technology in the world right now.” However, the reason Wozniak likes the Apple Watch is not because of the wearable’s focus on health. Instead, he likes the wearable because it reduces his reliance on the iPhone. While […]

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Apple’s New Repair Program Will Allow Independent Repair Shops to Work on Out-of-Warranty iPhones

Apple today opened up its repair program to independent repair businesses to carry out repairs on out of warranty iPhone repairs. This means the company will be supplying independent repair shops with the same genuine parts, tools, and repair manuals as it does to Apple Authorized Service Providers. This is the first time that Apple […]

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