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Apple Developing Self-Healing Foldable Displays for iPhone

A new patent granted to Apple, today, suggests that the company might be developing a technology for self-healing displays for the future foldable iPhone. Patent granted to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office suggested that the company might be developing this new technology. The patent titled “Electronic devices with flexible displays” suggests that […]

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Apple Working With US Government to Improve iPhone Battery Lifespan

Apple is reportedly working on a new battery coatings alongside US Government. A new patent from Apple explains how cathode active materials can be used for lithium-ion batteries. This invention was made with U.S. government support under WFO Proposal No. 85F59. This invention was made under a CRADA 1500801 between Apple Inc. and Argonne National […]

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Apple Wants to Hide the Antenna Gap on Future iPhones and iPads

Apple is reportedly testing new technologies that would hide the antenna gap in future iPhones and cellular iPads. The company plans to use a ‘thin dye layer’ which would mimic case material. Currently, Apple finds it difficult to design an iPhone that can handle electromagnetic waves easily. The company runs antenna lines on the sides […]

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