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Apple Accused of Arm-Twisting ProtonMail into Adding in-App Purchases

Lately, Apple has been into a lot of trouble for mandating In-app purchases. Remember how Hey email was forced to add in-app purchases right before WWDC 2020? Well, Hey email is not the only app that was forced into IAP. Apple has allegedly arm-twisted ProtonMail into adding in-app purchases. One of the developers told Congress […]

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Apple Says Epic’s Fortnite Standoff Is a ‘Pre-planned Media Blitz’

The battle between Epic and Apple seems to be far from over. Epic recently asked Apple to restore Fortnite to the App Store, and the filings reveal Apple’s accusation. The Cupertino company argues that Epic’s damages are “entirely self-inflicted,” and Fortnite will be allowed back on App Store once the in-app direct payment system is […]

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