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Apple kept iMessage to itself when it could have come to Android back in 2013

iMessage could have come to Android years ago. Court documents submitted by Epic and Apple before their antitrust trial reveal that Apple execs never wanted to release iMessage for Android. New findings reveal that Apple could have launched iMessage for Android years ago but deliberately chose not to do so. Epic’s antitrust lawsuit against Apple […]

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Samsung’s ‘iTest’ Website Simulates a Galaxy Device Experience on Your iPhone

Samsung has launched an interactive website called “iTest” to allow iPhone users to experience a Galaxy device on their handset. The company is currently advertising the website in New Zealand. When one visits the iTest website in New Zealand on their iPhone, they are prompted to install a web app on their Home Screen. Tapping […]

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Apple Says Epic Games Using Lawsuit to ‘Revive the Flagging Interest in Fortnite’

Ahead of the upcoming Apple vs. Epic Games battle in court, the Cupertino company has submitted over 500 pages of documents detailing its findings, arguments, and conclusion on the matter. Among other things, the document highlights Epic Games’ “Project Liberty,” which aimed at portraying Apple in a bad light. Apple argues that Epic Games made […]

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