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Banksy booby-trapped a painting so it self-destructed after Sotheby’s sold it for £953,829

Banksy’s iconic “Girl With Red Balloon” street art went under the hammer at Sotheby’s in a custom frame of the artist’s own design; moments after it sold for £953,829, a booby-trap kicked in, drawing the canvas into a series of shredder blades built into the frame, rendering it down to a pile of forlorn […]

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Showing: “Greatest Hits” Banksy Exhibition @ Lazinc

Last week, Lazinc in London opened a show featuring some of Banksy’s most iconic works (gleaned from private collections), focusing in on the 2002-2008 period of his career. Coinciding with some of the time Steve Lazarides spent as the elusive street artist’s photographer and gallerist, the work curated for the exhibition include stenciled canvases, unique paintings, […]

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Banksy Just Blitzed Paris With At Least 10 New Pieces

Banksy has just blitzed Paris with a series of new, politically charged works that highlight current issues in France such as migration and the hijab ban along with his usual criticisms of commercialism and income inequality. He also acknowledged the 50 year anniversary since the ‘May 68‘ uprising in France which he claims was the […]

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