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The first woman Doctor Who to be commemorated with a limited-edition Barbie

Tonight marks the world premiere of the first Doctor Who series in which the Doctor is portrayed by a woman. The limited-edition commemorative Barbie available for pre-order starting tomorrow, exclusively through Forbidden Planet. <!– Cory Doctorow I write books. My latest are: a YA graphic novel called In Real Life (with Jen […]

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Barbie Just Got a New Career: Robotics Engineer!

Barbie The world’s most famous doll just got a little more ambitious; answering the increased push to interest girls in STEM-related fields, on Tuesday, Mattel introduced Robotics Engineer Barbie—complete with her own moveable robot and laptop. As Lisa McKnight, general manager and senior vice president of the Barbie brand, told Glamour magazine: We wanted to […]

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Barbie’s Latest ‘Career of the Year’ Doll Is Here – and She’s a Robotics Engineer

Barbie dolls have had many roles since their creation in 1959. They’ve inspired children to follow their dreams, with careers like ballerinas, models, doctors, veterinarians, deejays and everything in between. And now, there’s a new inspirational version of the iconic doll on the market — and she’s here to encourage young girls to embark on […]

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