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This Custom BMW E92 M3 From South Africa Has A Ferrari-Maserati Engine

In South Africa, there resides a BMW E92 M3 Convertible unlike any other on earth. Not only does it has a host of exterior and interior modifications, but it is no longer powered by the standard S65 V8 engine. Instead, this M3 is powered by the F136, commonly known as the Ferrari-Maserati engine and used […]

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Police Discover Trove Of Prized Cars Including Mk4 Supras And M3s After Raiding Homes Of Suspected Mass. Drug Dealer

A routine traffic stop in Massachusetts on August 21 led to the discovery of a large-scale marijuana trafficking operation with authorities uncovering large bales of pot, dozens of illegal guns, millions of dollars in cash, and surprisingly, around 45 cars, possibly including eight exotics and 37 other vehicles, the majority of which are reportedly older […]

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