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The Fate Of BMW’s Compact Models In The Electric Era Is Still Undecided

BMW has yet to decide about the long-term future of its compact model range in the electric era. The reason for this uncertainty is that EVs in smaller segments come with comparably low sale volumes and very tight profit margins, making it hard to justify development costs. Compact models like the BMW 1-Series have been […]

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2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Vs. Rivals Poll: Who’s The Diddy SUV Daddy?

Alfa Romeo’s great red hope is its new Tonale luxury subcompact crossover. The Stelvio’s little brother isn’t just the Stellantis-owned Italian brand’s first toe into smaller SUV waters, it’s also the company’s first ever electrified car thanks to not one, but three hybrid engine options. Read: Alfa Romeo Debuts 2023 Tonale Compact SUV To Take […]

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