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The Range Rover Velar Is The Most Stolen Car In Germany For 2020

Thieves in Germany seem to have a thing for premium SUVs, with high-riding models conquering eight out of the top ten spots of the most stolen vehicles for 2020. Autobuild reports the results as published by the German Insurance Association (GDV), which put the Range Rover Velar in the first place as the most commonly stolen […]

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Manhart’s MHX6 Will Look Great Next To Your Kitchen Countertop And Go Like Stink Too

Manhart unveiled a tuned version of the BMW X6 M with heavy visual modifications and performance upgrades called the MHX6 700 WB which stands for Wide Body. Compared to the previous generation MHX6 800, the Wuppertal-based tuner took a step further in terms of design, adding forged carbon elements in both the exterior and the interior […]

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