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The World’s First Armored BMW X7 Can Handle Everything From Hand Grenades To School Runs

The BMW X7 is popular with politicians, executives and celebrities, so INKAS has decided to offer the world’s first armored variant. Designed to offer exceptional levels of protection and comfort, the armored X7 doesn’t look terribly special at first glance. However, a closer look will reveal thick bullet-resistant glass. Of course, that’s just the tip […]

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BMW To Offer Just 10 X7 Dark Shadow Editions Down Under Priced From AU$188,900

BMW’s sinister-looking X7 Dark Shadow Edition has been announced for Australia, where only 10 units from the global allocation of 500 will become available, with deliveries expected to commence next March. Customers can reserve a build slot for AU$5,000 (US$3,712) with only a few mouse clicks, but first they will have to decide whether they […]

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BMW Starts Dropping Diesel Cars, 2-Series And M50d Models Affected

With the upcoming emission regulations making it harder for automakers to achieve the new targets, several brands have started dropping diesel engines from their lineups. The latest example is BMW, which is no longer selling the 2-Series Coupe and Convertible with oil-burning units in the United Kingdom. Thus, the two-door premium subcompact models are only […]

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