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Mercedes Kicks Off Robotaxi Tests In U.S. Using Mainly S-Class Models

While Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius previously told journalists that his company’s autonomous driving technologies will more likely be applied to commercial vehicles, word has it that the automaker has also begun robotaxi tests in California, with the help of Bosch. This autonomous fleet is comprised of some 30 vehicles, most of them being Mercedes S-Class […]

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Peugeot’s New Electric Mountain Bike Has Better Range Than Some EVs

Bicycles are not just leisure activity vehicles, as people have been using them for their daily commutes for years, beating rush-hour traffic and helping lower air pollution in the process. The advent of electrification has made them even more appealing, and Peugeot has just launched its latest product, the eM01 FS PowerTube. Presented at Roc […]

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