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Let me tell you about living my life on the road

Seamus Bellamy In passing, I’ve talked about the fact that my wife and I are full-time nomads. Lemme expand on that. A few years back, we bought a 21-year-old RV with the intention of living in it while my wife completed her degree in Vancouver, Canada. Typically, winters in Vancouver are mild by comparison to […]

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Orca Mother Starves as She Grieves Dead Calf

A grieving orca mother was spotted lifting the corpse of her infant to the surface for air off the coast of Victoria, British Columbia. Just a half hour after it was spotted alive, 4-year-old orca “J-50” was seen repeatedly lifting the dead calf to the surface. Ken Balcomb, senior scientist with the Center for Whale Research on […]

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Racial-Profiling Pool Patrol Goes International: Black Canadian Family Say They Were Singled Out at Neighborhood Pool Over Whether They Belong

Don’t look now, but #PoolPatrolPaul appears to have a Canadian cousin out here doing his mayonnaise lord’s work. A black family in British Columbia, Canada, is alleging that they were racially profiled at a pool in their townhouse complex last Thursday. According to them, in the two years since they bought their home, this is […]

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