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Is the President Making Middle School Worse?

Immediately after Donald Trump’s election, alarming stories appeared of school bullies who seemed to be inspired by the new president. In York County, Pa., two students marched through their high school hallways holding a Trump sign while a third shouted, “White power!” A teacher in Kansas reported students taunting classmates […]

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Children in Virginia’s Trump supporting counties became more abusive

Kids are bigger bullies in counties that voted for the incoherent mobster. NPR reports: After the 2016 presidential election, teachers across the country reported they were seeing increased name-calling and bullying in their classrooms. Now, research shows that those stories — at least in one state — are confirmed by student surveys. Francis Huang of […]

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Sixth Grader’s Parents Say School Didn’t Do Enough to Stop Her Suicide

Parents of a New Jersey sixth grader who killed herself last year after months of bullying sued school officials this week, stating that the school failed to take their repeated complaints seriously and instead sought ineffectual solutions like asking the 12-year-old to hug her bullies. In the wrongful death lawsuit, the parents, Dianne and Seth […]

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