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GM Designers’ Pickup Trucks Of The Future Look Ready To Bite Your Head Off

When it comes to creating a new pickup truck, designers typically have less creative freedom because, let’s face it, these utilitarian vehicles have changed very little over decades. The Tesla Cybertruck might be a great counterexample, but let’s not forget that the EV maker is yet to bring the unusual pickup to the market. Moreover, […]

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New Cadillac Lyriq Is A Sexy Preview Of Brand’s First Electric SUV Coming In 2022

Cadillac has finally revealed the new Lyriq, a show car created to preview the brand’s first fully electric luxury crossover that’s scheduled to go on sale in 2022. We asked Cadillac just how close the study is to the production model with a spokesperson telling us that, while “there will be changes to the production […]

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Cadillac Lyriq Concept Teased, Debuts August 6th

Cadillac is embracing their electric future as the company has released a new teaser video of the Lyriq “show car.” Designed to preview an upcoming production model, the thinly veiled concept will be unveiled on August 6th at 7 p.m. ET. Cadillac is keeping details under wraps, but said the Lyriq “marks the beginning of […]

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