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These Mac ‘n’ Cheese Candy Canes are selling out fast

If you were thinking of getting a box of Archie McPhee’s Mac & Cheese Candy Canes, get on it. After a post on @junkfoodmom in mid-September, their cheesy yellow-and-white striped candies started becoming popular (“This one isn’t bad! Smells like cheese and tastes like Mac n cheese but the sweetness overpowers the flavor eventually so […]

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Baggies with KKK recruitment letters and candy left for kids at school bus pickup

The KKK—also known as cowardly white folks that wear hoods and terrorize Americans in order to cover up their lacking self confidence and intelligence—is trying to seize the moment: having a white supremacist as president and a white supremacist as attorney general means it is time to recruit. Upstate New York has seen some of […]

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Australia Fare: I Came Back to Australia, and the Milk Bars Were Gone

“The memories I have of milk bars are so strong: the ice cream, the milkshakes, the lollies, all the things you covet when you’re a kid,” Mr. Donnelly said. “The milk bar encapsulated my childhood.” What happened to the Australian milk bar? A perfect storm. Rapidly rising property values in the cities pushed out small […]

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