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Aubrey Plaza talks her absurd new film and why she’s more Leslie Knope than April Ludgate

Aubrey Plaza will not be mean to you. Yes, she starred as the apathetic intern turned public servant April Ludgate in NBC’s cult favorite series Parks and Recreation. But no, she isn’t much like her deadpan counterpart—despite the fact that the role was written specifically for her. “Everyone wants me to be mean,” Plaza tells […]

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Regina King talks to us about her Emmy win, helping other women directors, and how she has “so much more to do”

Regina King’s work is inescapable. She’s played everything from an animated pair of Black brothers growing up in the suburbs in Boondocks, to a troubled soul singer in love with Ray Charles in 2004’s Ray. King’s talents even go beyond acting, as she’s an amazing director. Television shows like Insecure, Shameless, and This Is Us have relied on […]

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