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Indy Autonomous Challenge Unveils $1 Million Dallara-Built Race Car

The Indy Autonomous Challenge has unveiled the high-tech race car that will be used by university teams in the “world’s first high-speed, head-to-head autonomous race.” The race car is based on the Dallara IL-15 and has been modified for autonomous use. Organizers didn’t go into many specifics, but said the car has been equipped with […]

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GM’s New BrightDrop Unit Eyes Delivery Companies With EV600 Electric Van

GM made a series of announcements at CES and one of the most unexpected was an all-new business called BrightDrop. Designed to offer an “ecosystem of electric first-to-last-mile products,” BrightDrop looks to tap into growing demand for electric commercial vehicles. However, their ambitions are starting much smaller as BrightDrop’s first product will be an electric pallet […]

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Cadillac Shows Autonomous Luxury Pod With Faux Fire Place And Single Passenger Drone Concepts

Cadillac is joining the growing stream of automakers who are investing in autonomous transportation pods. Its hook, though, will be luxury. Volkswagen and Toyota, along with newcomers like Zoox have advertised autonomous mobility pods, and even GM has with the Cruise Automation. None of them, as far as I know, has a faux fireplace, though. […]

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