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Chrome 70 adds fingerprint login support for Web Authentication, enables TLS 1.3, and more [APK Download]

Article Contents Chrome 69 was a massive update, as it brought a brand new interface to both desktop and mobile. Now that v69 is on stable, the beta channel has been updated to version 70. This isn’t as big of an update as the previous release, but it still has a few important improvements – […]

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‘Lazy loading’ feature to speed up browsing now available in Chrome Canary

Web pages are becoming more and more complex, but browser vendors have been hard at work trying to offset that with performance and caching improvements. For example, Service Workers allow sites to cache certain data locally to speed up load times (or work offline entirely). ‘Lazy loading’ is another performance enhancement that has been in […]

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Long press the back button to bring up your tab history in Chrome Canary v70

One of my most wanted features in Chrome is a quick way to access a tab’s history, or even pull up my complete browsing history, to go back to a page or article I was checking earlier. Starting with Chrome 70, which is now in the Canary channel, there will be a flag that will […]

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