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Google’s Chromecast will support Apple TV Plus, even though your phone doesn’t

5 hours ago Credit: David Imel / Android Authority Google’s new Chromecast with Google TV will support Apple TV Plus in early 2021. You can watch subscription shows as well as your Apple movie purchases and channels. Android phones are still out of luck, however. You still can’t use Apple TV Plus on an Android […]

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Chromecast with Google TV impressions: The best streaming device?

The Chromecast is arguably one of the most revolutionary products Google has ever released. It completely changed the way we move content around our screens and helped pave the way for the streaming revolution. Google hasn’t really changed the Chromecast much since its inception. It changed the shape a couple of times and gave it […]

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People are already buying Google’s unannounced Chromecast

9 hours ago Google’s Android TV-based Chromecast is already on sale at stores like Home Depot and Walmart. The unannounced $50 dongle uses a rebranded platform, Google TV. It could be available immediately after Google’s September 30 event. Never mind retail box leaks — Google’s Android TV-powered Chromecast appears to already be available in stores, […]

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